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Frederick Savell 1824

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FREDERICK SAVELL (THOMAS SAVELL) was born 22 May 1824 in St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey, England.  He married PHOEBE ELIZABETH WELLINGS Jun 1847 in Whitechapel, Middlesex, England.  She was born 29 Jan 1821 in Whitechapel, Middlesex, England, and died 1899 in West Ham, London, England.




SKIPWORTH SAVELL, b. 18 Feb 1849, Allhallows London Wall, London, Middlesex, England; d. 24 Jun 1917, St Leonards, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

PHOEBE ELIZA SAVELL, b. 1853, Holborn, Middlesex, England; m. ALFRED RUFFELL, 1876, Stepney, Middlesex, England; b. 1854, Coggeshall, Essex, England.

SARAH SAVELL, b. 1857, Newington, Surrey, London, England.




Frederick was christened on the 17th of October 1824 in St Saviours Church, Southwark Surrey.

Marriages Jun 1847 Wellings  Phoebe Eliza    Whitechapel  2 524





Found in the 1851 Census with her Aunt, Phoebe Wellings

Deaths Jun 1899 Savell  Phoebe Eliza  78  W. Ham  4a 75


Birth:  29 JAN 1821   

Christening:  07 APR 1822   St Mary Whitechapel, Stepney, London, England

Parents:   Father:  THOMAS WELLINGS  Mother:  MARY ANNE 


1841 Census


Parish of Greenwich, Kent

Address Greenwich Marine Society


Fredk SAVELL, Male, 15, Not in County



1851 Census


Parish of Allhallow, London Wall

Address 59 London Walls, Broad St Ward Schoolhouse

Phoebe WELLINGS, Head, U, Female, 63, School Mistress, Whitechapel, Middlesex

Phoebe SAVELL, Visitor, M, Female, 29, Wife of Mariner, Whitechapel, Middlesex

Skipworth SAVELL, Daug(?), , Female, 1, Whitechapel, Middlesex


1861 Census


Parish of Bethnal Green, St Bartholomew

Address 4 Wellington Street, Tower Hamlets 

Frederick SAVELL, Head, M, Male, 35, Seaman (Royal Navy), Southwark, Surrey

Phoebe E SAVELL, Wife, M, Female, 39, Whitechapel, Middlesex

Skipworth SAVELL, Son, , Male, 11, Scholar, St Lukes, Middlesex

Phoebe E SAVELL, Daug, , Female, 7, Scholar, St Andrews, City Of London

Sarah M SAVELL, Daug, , Female, 5, Scholar, Southwark, Surrey



1871 Census


Parish of Mile End Old Town, St Phillips

Address 11 John St, Tower Hamlets 

Phoebe SAVELL, Head, Widow, Female, 46, Laundress, Whitechapel, Middlesex

Skipworth SAVELL, Son, U, Male, 21, Printer, Whitechapel, Middlesex

Phoebe SAVELL, Daug, U, Female, 17, Milliner, Holborn, Middlesex

Sarah M SAVELL, Daug, , Female, 14, Scholar, Newington, Surrey




1891 Census


Parish of Shadwell, London

Address 120 High St, Tower Hamlets 

Phoebe SAVELL, Head, Widow, Female, 70, Monthly Nurse (sick), Whitechapel, Middlesex




Greenwich Marine Society

The Marine Society's offices were at 547 Bishopsgate Street from 24 September 1774 until 18 December 1890. The Society was founded in 1756 by Jonas Hanway to encourage boys and men to volunteer for the navy. By 1940 it had provided almost 40,000 men and over 36,000 boys for the Royal Navy and some 35,000 boys for the merchant service

The Society also took over the collection and clothing of poor boys, who were sent to the king’s ships as servants. The Society relied on donations and subscriptions made by merchants and leading members of the establishment, such as Nelson. By the end of the war, the Society had provided the navy with 5451 men and 5174 boys.

After the war, the Society focused its work on boys. An Act of Parliament in 1772 allowed it to apprentice poor boys to the royal and merchant services. In 1786 the Society commissioned the first pre-sea training ship in the world, the Beatty, to provide a regular supply of trained boys.

This was a small ex-merchant vessel moored off Deptford. The boys were educated while living on board. The 30 new recruits were supervized by a superintendent, mate, schoolmaster, boatswain and cook.

After several years, the Admiralty lent the Society a new vessel. In 1862, the Society was lent the first of a number of vessels named Warspite.

In 1901, Warspite was moved down the Thames to Greenhithe, ending Deptford and Woolwich's long association with the training ships.

Boys were admitted into the Worcester from the ages of 12 to 15 and into the Warspite from 14 to 16.

The two schools had very different philosophies. The Warspite stipulated that the boys must come from a poor background, but be of good character, and that their parents must be unable to cover the cost of fitting them out for naval life.

The cadets were given a basic education, similar to that in a normal school, but they also received lessons in:




nautical astronomy


A Marine Society apprenticeship indenture....National Maritime Museum, London

29 May 1862

The entry records a letter from the Admiralty, offering the Society the use of the Royal Navy vessel HMS 'Warspite' in place of their old vessel 'Venus', which was said to be in a 'defective state'.


Other Children Notes



1881 England Census

Census Place London, Middlesex, England

Dwelling 191 High Street, Shadwell, Tower Hamlets

Alfred RUFFELL, Head, M, Male, 25, Coggeshall, Gen Laborer, Essex

Phoebe RUFFELL, Wife, M, Female, 26, Holborn, Middlesex

Phoebe RUFFELL, Daur, , Female, 4, St George's East, Middlesex

Alfred RUFFELL, Son, , Male, 2, Shadwell, Middlesex




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