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John Follan - Amey Copping

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JOHN FOLLAN, son of  BRETT FOLLEN and PRISCILLA WRIGHT was born 20 Dec 1829 in Walpole St Andrew, Norfolk, England, and died 09 Sep 1897 in Burwood, NSW, Australia.  He married AMEY COPPING 30 Jun 1852 in Saint Mathew, Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire, England, daughter of THOMAS COPPING and MARY UNKNOWN.  She was born 1834 in Snettisham, Norfolk, England, and died 10 Nov 1903 in Burwood, NSW, Australia.



Children of JOHN FOLLAN and AMEY COPPING are:


MARY ANN FOLLEN, b. 08 Feb 1853, St Marys, Southampton, Hampshire, England.

JOHN THOMAS FOLLAN, b. 13 May 1854, Camperdown, NSW, Australia; d. 26 Jun 1855, O'Connell Town, NSW, Australia.

PRISCILLA FOLLAN, b. 1856, O'Connell Town, NSW, Australia; d. 20 Jan 1925, St Peters, NSW, Australia.

AMEY MARY FOLLAN, b. 1858, Glebe, NSW, Australia; d. 24 Nov 1859, Glebe, NSW, Australia.

CHARLES FOLLAN, b. 1860, Newtown, NSW, Australia; d. 19 Oct 1918, Petersham, NSW, Australia.

WRIGHT FOLLAN, b. 14 Oct 1862, Newtown, NSW, Australia; d. 29 Oct 1928, Mortlake, NSW, Australia.

LOUISA FOLLAN, b. 04 Dec 1864, Newtown, NSW, Australia; d. 18 Mar 1945, Berry, NSW, Australia.

BARBARA FOLLAN, b. 1867, Newtown, NSW, Australia; d. 20 Jul 1943, Cronulla, NSW, Australia.

ISABELLA FOLLAN, b. 1870, Newtown, NSW, Australia; d. 12 Feb 1873, Newtown, NSW, Australia.

WILLIAM FOLLAN, b. 31 Oct 1873, Newtown, NSW, Australia; d. 01 Nov 1873, Newtown, NSW, Australia.

JOSEPHINE FOLLAN, b. 1875, Newtown, NSW, Australia; d. 08 Apr 1960, Cronulla, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

JOSEPH FOLLAN, b. 1879, Concord, NSW, Australia; d. 10 Apr 1951, Granville, NSW, Australia.



Notes for John Follan and Amey Copping


John Follan was born in Walpole St Andrew, Norfolk, the son of Brett Follen and Priscilla Wright in 1829.  John is found in the 1841 England census, still living with his father, a farmer at Walpole Marsh, around a mile to the west of Walpole St Andrew.


1841 Norfolk Census

Parish of Walpole St Andrew, Norfolk, England

Address Walpole St Andrew Marsh


Brett FOLLEN, Male, 55, Farmer, In County

Mary FOLLEN, Female, 14, In County

John FOLLEN, Male, 12, In County

Wright FOLLEN, Male, 10, In County


Brett Follen 1841 Census.pdf



Amey Copping (also Copman) was born in 1834 at Snettisham to Thomas Copping, an Agricultural Labourer and Mary, surname currently unknown.  In 1841, she is also living with her father and mother in Snettisham.


1841 Census

Parish of Snettisham, Norfolk


Thomas COPMAN, Male, 70, Agricultural Labourer

Mary COPMAN, Female, 46

Thomas COPMAN, Male, 20

Charles COPMAN, Male, 18

Valentine COPMAN, Male, 16

Phobe COPMAN, Female, 11

Amy COPMAN, Female, 8

Susan COPMAN, Female, 5

John COPMAN, Male, 3


Thomas Copping 1841 Norfolk census.pdf



John Follan is found the 1851 Norfolk Census where he is a servant at the Giddens household at Walpole St Andrew, Norfolk


1851 Census

Parish of Walpole St Andrew, Norfolk

Address Kirkfield Wisbech


Charles B GIDDENS, Head, M, Male, 36, Farmer of 80 Acres, Walpole St Andrew, Norfolk

Elizabeth GIDDENS, Wife, M, Female, 36, Walpole St Andrew, Norfolk

John GIDDENS, Son, , Male, 12, Scholar, Walpole St Andrew, Norfolk

Charles GIDDENS, Son, , Male, 10, Scholar, Walpole St Andrew, Norfolk

Mary J GIDDENS, Daug, U, Female, 8, Scholar, Walpole St Andrew, Norfolk

James GIDDENS, Son, , Male, 5, Scholar, Walpole St Andrew, Norfolk

Martha SHREAD, Serv, U, Female, 17, House Servant, Watlington, Norfolk

John FOLLEN, Serv, U, Male, 22, House Servant, Walpole St Andrew, Norfolk

William MARSTON, Serv, U, Male, 18, House Servant, Fincham, Norfolk



John Follen 1851 Census.pdf


Amey Coppin in 1851 is still at living at home with her parents


1851 Census

Parish of Snettisham, Norfolk

Address Docking


Thomas COPPING, Head, M, Male, 79, Ag Lab, Wellingham, Norfolk

Mary COPPING, Wife, M, Female, 56, Snettisham, Norfolk

Valentine COPPING, Son, U, Male, 26, Team Man, Snettisham, Norfolk

Amy COPPING, Daug, U, Female, 17, Snettisham, Norfolk

John COPPING, Son, U, Male, 13, Farm Servant, Snettisham, Norfolk


Thomas Copping 1851 Norfolk census.pdf 






John, Amey and Mary Follan departed from Plymouth on the 16th of February, 1853 onboard the ship 'Harriet', a newly build ship of some 925 tons made from oak and yellow pine.  The 'Harriet' arrived in Sydney on the 30th of May, 1853 after 104 days at sea with 381 assisted immigrants.  Eleven deaths amongst the children were recorded for the voyage.  John and Amey's first daughter, Mary Follan was born just 8 days prior to leaving England at Southampton, Hampshire.  Aboard the ship was William & Phoebe Eggleton, Phoebe being the sister of Amey. 


The 'Harriet' was placed in Quarantine by the Health Officer on the 31st of May, due to two cases of measles being on board the ship.  The Male immigrants were finally available for hire on 16th of June on board the ship at Dawes Point.  


The ships register shows John Follen as 23, a Farm  Labourer who could not read nor write and was born at Walpole Norfolk, parents Brett and Priscilla both dead.  Amy was age 20 and could read and write, parents Thomas and Mary Cupman (sic), living at Snettisham Norfolk.  Both John and Amy were Wesleyan Methodists. 


Agents List for John and Amy Follan, William and Phoebe Eggleton from the ship 'Harriet'.

Some information on the The ship Harriet


John Thomas Follan was born to John and Amy and baptised on the 13th of May, 1854 in St Lawrence Parish, Sydney.  The baptism entry lists John's abode as Camperdown and profession as a Labourer.  John Thomas died on the 27th of June, 1855 in the parish of Camperdown.  The burial entry from the parish register has John living at New Town and has the profession of Brickmaker.


5 of the Follan children are buried in a grave in St Stephens Church Camperdown.  The following transcribed on the headstone: Follen Mary Anne, Follen John Thomas, Follen Amy Mary, Follan Isabella, Follen William 2 yrs, 5 months.  Also their dear son of above, 2 days.  On the footstone is M.A.F J.T.F A.M.F I.F nos 105-108.  W.F 1878.  The headstone today is apparently broken.


John Thomas Follan died in 1855.  John is listed as a Brickmaker living in Newtown.  John Thomas was 13 months old and died of convulsions.


John Follan had entered into a partnership with William Eggleton as Brickmakers.  The Brickyards was located near the Newtown Railway bridge at Gowrie Estate, "just behind Gowrie House and the Public School" (near Erskinville Lane today). 



Newspaper Adverts in Sydney Morning Herald 1856-1858



The partnership was formally dissolved and announced in the Sydney Morning Herald in July 1858.






On the death of Amy Mary Follan in 1859, John is listed as a Brickmaker living in Newtown. Amy was 19 months, 3 weeks old and died of inflamation.  Louise Follan was born in December 1864, born in Newtown.  John Follan is working as a Brickmaker. 


On William and Isabella Follans deaths in 1873, John is listed as living in Mcdonaldtown.  WIlliam was one day old and Isabella 2 years and 5 months.  No cause of death is provided for either child on the Camperdown burial butts.


John Follan in the late 1870's moved from the inner city to Liverpool Road, Redmyre, where he continued as a Brickmaker.  An advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald was placed looking for brickmakers in November 1877.  Additional Advertisements were also placed in the SMH during the 1880's:



November 1877





August 1884





January 1880





April 1887






John Follan was a Brickmaster during this time.  The Brickworks was at The Causeway, Enfield.  It is not clear to me whether the references were for the same Brickworks from the period 1877 to 1890.


He moved to the Causeway, Druitt Town and then Enfield, where he died at High St in 1897.






John and Amey Follan






John and Amey Follan's Grave at Rookwood Cemetery






Death and Funeral Notices for John and Amey Follan, SMH




 After the death of Amey Follan in 1903, John Follans Estate was advertised for sale in the Sydney Morning Herald in 1904








Extracts from Sands Directorys

1873 Follan, John, Macdonald St, Macdonaldtown

1875 Follan, John, Brickmaker, Macdonald St, Macdonaldtown

1877 Follan, J, Macdonald St, Macdonaldtown

1883 Follan, John, Brickmaster, Liverpool Rd, Redmyre

1887 Follan, John, Brickmaker, Long St, Strathfield

1890 Follan, John, Brickmaker, The Causeway, Druitt Town

1891 Follan, John, The Causeway, Druitt Town

1892 Follan, John, High St, Enfield

1897 Follan, John, High St, Enfield


Extracts from NSW Electoral Rolls

1876-77 Follan, John, Macdonald St, freehold, Macdonaldtown

1881-82 Follan, John, St Peters, household, Church St

1892 Follan, John, Macdonald St, Macdonaldtown (?)

1894 Follan, John, High St, Strathfield, Gentleman

1896 Follan, John, High St, Strathfield, Gentleman

1899 Follan, John, High St, Strathfield, Gentleman





Research Notes



Other references

Colonial Secretary 73/1194 Permission to inter Isabella Follan into family grave at Camperdown Cemetery


Druitt Town (1890) Boundaries – Commencing on the west side of Punchbowl road and to Cook’s river, and on the south side of the Liverpool road to Cook’s river on the south.




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